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Main Components

wepubl author

wepubl consists of three main components: wepubl author, wepubl cloud, and wepubl viewer.
wepubl author is a Windows PC application for editing ebooks.
Using this program, you can create and edit ebooks using EPub 3.0.

wepubl author screenshot image

wepubl cloud

wepubl cloud is an online service which allows you to add and publish EPub and PDF files.
You can access the service and manage your files anywhere and any time using a web browser.
The service is optimized for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers that support HTML5 and Internet Explorer 9 or later is also supported.

wepubl cloud screenshot image

wepubl viewer (app)

The wepubl viewer app allows readers to download books from the wepubl cloud and view them on their mobile devices.
Android and iOS versions of the app are available for free from each respective app store.

wepubl viewer screenshot imagewepubl viewer screenshot image

wepubl viewer (web)

Books published on the wepubl cloud can also be posted on blogs and websites for easy viewing in web browsers without installing any apps.
Each published book is assigned a unique URL, which can be easily shared by email, smartphone, etc. Recipients can simply click on the URL to view the book on their desktop PC or mobile web browser without having to install any additional apps.

wepubl viewer – web screenshot image

Get Started

Sign Up and Sign In

Visit www.wepubl.com in your web browser and click the 'Start wepubl' button on the home page to open the 'Sign In' page.

Get Started screenshot image

You can sign in using an existing user ID or click the 'Create New Account' link to create a new account.

Registering as Author

To publish your ebooks, you need to register as an author.
Visit www.wepubl.com, click the ‘Sign In’ button in the top right to sign in, then click the 'Author Application' button in the top left to submit your application.

Make sure to select 'General Application' for non-business authors or 'Business Application' for a publishing company. You also need to submit a copy of your personal ID and the inside cover of your bankbook, which are required for your copyright protection and the payment of any books that are sold.
It typically takes 5 business days to review your application and you will be informed of your result via the email address indicated in your application form.

Downloading wepubl author

Visit www.wepubl.com, click the ‘Download’ button in the top right, then click the 'Windows' button right below the wepubl author to download and install the application.
wepubl author can be installed only on PCs running Windows.
For details on using wepubl author, see the wepubl author Guide.

wepubl author download screenshot image

Downloading wepubl viewer

Visit www.wepubl.com on your mobile device, tap the 'Download' button in the top right, then tap the 'Google Play' or 'App Store' button to download and install the application.

Adding Books to wepubl cloud

Adding EPub Files

You can add your EPub files directly from wepubl author or upload your PDF files from your PC to wepubl cloud.
To add content created with wepubl author to wepubl cloud, click the 'Sign In' button to sign in, click the 'Add Books' button, enter the summary and some details in the 'Add Book to wepubl cloud' popup window, then click the 'Add' button.

* For more details on using wepubl author, see the wepubl author Guide.

Uploading PDF Files

Sign into wepubl cloud (www.wepubl.com), navigate to the 'Book Publishing > ‘Your Books' menu, then click the '+' button to upload PDF files stored on your PC.

Editing Book Information

Click the title of your book in 'Your Books' to edit the details of your book, including the title, author, publisher, and description, or change the book cover before publishing it.

Changing the Book Cover

Double-click the title of a book in ‘Your Books’ to open the ‘Edit Book Information’ window. In the ‘Edit Book Information’ window, click the ‘Select File’ button next to your book cover to select another image on your PC as the new book cover.

Changing the Book Cover

Editing Book Details

Editing Book Details
  • - Book Title: Enter a title for the book that will be shown in the mobile viewer app.
  • - Book Author: Enter the name of the author.
  • - Publisher: Enter the name of the publisher. Enter the author name if it was self-published.
  • - Genre: Select a genre appropriate to the theme of the book. Make sure your selection is as accurate as possible, since your book will be shown in the mobile viewer app according to the selected genre.
  • Search Keywords: Enter the keywords that will be shown as search results in the mobile viewer app.
  • - ISBN: Enter the ISBN, if applicable. Leave this field empty if you do not have an ISBN.
  • - Book Description: Enter a short description of the book that will be shown in the mobile viewer app.
  • - Author Description: Enter a description of the author that will be shown in the mobile viewer app.
  • - Table of Contents: Enter the table of contents that will be shown in the mobile viewer app.
  • - Library: This shows the library in which your book is published. No library is shown if your book has not been published yet.


Adding Books to a Library

Select a book to publish from the list of books uploaded to ‘Your Books’ and drag it to a library in the list of libraries on the left to add it to the selected library. 
You can add multiple books to a library.

After adding all of the books you want to publish to a library, publish the library to finish the publishing process.
The books in a published library are shown in the mobile viewer app.

Editing Library Information

Click on a library, then click the 'Edit' button on the right to open the ‘Edit Information’ window. You can edit all of the information shown in the mobile app, including the library name and the cover image.

  • - Library Name: This is the name of the library that is shown in mobile viewer.
  • - Cover Image: This is the image of the library that is shown in mobile viewer. While the recommended image size is 1000 x 500 pixels, the images are resized automatically.
  • - Books: This shows the list of books in the library. You can remove books or click the 'Add Books' button to add more books from ‘Books’.
  • - Permissions: You can grant other users permission to add their books to your library.
    Click the ‘Invite User’ button, enter a ID, then click the ‘Invite’ button to send an invitation to their email address. Invite User

Publish Library

Once you have finished editing your library, you are ready to publish it. 
Click the 'Publish' button on the far right side of your library to publish it.

Publish Library

Promoting a Library and its Books

You can distribute your published library and its books in a variety of ways.

  • ① Promote it with a QR code
    Click the 'Distribute' button on the far left side of the library page to open the 'Distribute Library' window where you can download a QR code. Promote it with a QR code Click the 'Download QR Code' button to download four QR code files: three JPG files in different sizes and one EPS file. You can use them as needed.  For example, you can print the QR code on the back of book flyers and hand them out to your friends. Promote it with a QR code
  • ② Promote it with a URL
    Click the 'Distribute' button on the far left side of the library page to open the 'Distribute Library' window where you can click the ‘Copy’ button to copy the URL. Promote it with a UR You can change the URL to something easier to remember and share with others. Anyone who clicks on the URL can view the homepage of your library.
    You now have a library homepage of your own. Promote it with a UR
  • ③ Embed it to a blog or website
    Click the 'Distribute' button on the far left side of the library page to open the 'Distribute Library' window where you can use the ‘Embed’ feature to embed your library in your blog or on your website. 블로그, 홈페이지에 삽입하기
    • - Library Size: Enter the height and width of your library as you would like it to be embedded in your blog or on your website.
    • - Background Color: Specify the background color for your library.
    • - Embed Code: After specifying the size and background color of your library, copy the embed code and paste it into the HTML code of your blog or website.

wepubl author

Creating Ebooks

About wepubl author

wepubl author is a Windows application used for creating ebooks in EPub format.
The program supports various interactive features, including multimedia, animations, and SVG, which are all supported by EPub 3.0. wepubl author provides various preview features, allowing you to see what your completed book will look like. It also stores the book's font information to maintain consistency between the draft or edited version of the book and the final version.br>
The various features of wepubl author are designed to offer a wide range of options, especially to those new to publishing ebooks. Make your first ebook experience easy and fun with wepubl author.

Step 1. Select a fixed layout or a reflow layout.

When you launch wepubl author, you can select the layout of your ebook. An ebook in EPub format can have a fixed layout or a reflow layout.

A reflow layout is when the ebook layout changes automatically depending on the screen orientation and aspect ratio. 
Since the layout changes automatically according to the screen, the images and other items may appear differently than they were intended to by the author.
However, automatically resizing the text based on the screen’s aspect ratio means an improved legibility for ebooks that consist mainly of text.
Therefore, a reflow layout works well for novels and similar books with a lot of text.

On the other hand, a fixed layout, which remains unchanged regardless of the display, is best for showing the content in specific layouts by utilizing more efficient display effects for embedded multimedia.
However, since the layout remains unchanged, automatically resizing the text is not supported. As a result, a fixed layout requires deliberate customization for each display type. If you select a fixed layout, you can select the height and width of your book.

Step 2. Table of contents in wepubl author and ebook files

  • - The table of contents section of wepubl author shows the status of the current editing windows and manages your editing areas.
  • - Chapters in the table of contents section can be added, deleted, or moved up and down.
  • - The first words in the editing window are automatically used as the title of chapter. You can change the title at any time.
  • - wepubl author produces two types of files.
    Both ‘.epub’ files and ‘.ebook’ files can be opened in wepubl author. ‘.epub’ files are standard ebook files that can be published as final ebooks and ‘.ebook’ files are project files that are being edited. ‘.ebook’ files are located in the project folder, which you can browse to check the file status before they are published as ‘.epub’ files.

Step 3. Create your ebook

  • - You can enter your text directly into the editing window or you can use the text boxes to put your text anywhere you like.
  • - You can use the ‘Input’ menu on the left to add various content, such as tables, images, formulas, shapes, multimedia files, popups, and bulleted items.

Step 4. Review your ebook

  • - Use ‘Preview’ and ‘Preview in Browser’ to review your ebook before publishing it.

Step 5. Add your ebook to wepubl cloud

  • - You can use the 'Add Books' menu to add your finished ebook to wepubl cloud.
  • - To add your ebook to wepubl cloud, you need a user ID and a password to sign in to wepubl cloud.
  • - Use the ‘Summary’ tab in the ‘Publish’ menu to enter the book title and author name.
  • - Use the ‘Details’ tab of the ‘Publish’ menu to insert EPub metadata, such as types and identifiers.

Interface Overview

wepubl author Main Interface

The main screen of wepubl author includes all of the essential elements required to create an ebook.

  • A. Input Menu: You can insert various objects that are commonly used in ebook editing.
  • B. Formatting Bar: You can apply frequently used settings for inserted objects, such as font face, size, alignment, color, etc.
  • C. Editing Area: You can use a variety of tools to enter content directly in this area.
  • D. Formatting Panel: You can apply detailed settings to all of your inserted objects.
  • E. Table of Contents Panel: This provides a quick overview of the current editing area. You can add a new chapter or delete an existing chapter in the ‘Table of Contents’ section.
  • F. Lock: You can lock the ‘Formatting Panel’ and the ‘Table of contents panel’ to keep them showing at all times, or unlock them so that they are only shown when necessary.

wepubl author Main Features

wepubl author Features Overview

The various features of wepubl author, with a wide range of support for EPub 3.0 and CSS functionality, can be applied easily. These features are designed to make your ebooks stand out even more.

A. Creating Covers

In wepubl author, you can easily edit your ebook cover using ‘Cover Editor’.
To launch ‘Cover Editor’, double-click on the cover area at the top of the ‘Table of Contents Panel’ on the right, or click on the 'Menu’ > Tools’ > ‘Cover Editor' menu in the top left.

Cover Editor Menu

Click the 'Load Background Image' button in the 'Background Image Setup' area on the right to select a background image to apply to the cover and resize it.

  •  Click the text box icon to enter your book title.
  •  You can also use images and shapes to make your cover stand out more.

B. Creating a Chapter

In wepubl author, you can use the ’Table of Contents Panel’ on the right to add, edit, or delete the chapter.
The ’Context’ menu, which appears when you right-click on an item in the ’Table of Contents’ area, allows you to efficiently manage your items. You can easily move your chapters around in the table of contents or minimize the current editing page to view an overview.

Table of Contents Menu

Click the button +  at the bottom of the ‘Table of Contents Panel’ to add a chapter to your table of contents.

<Editing Titles of Chapters>

  • ■ Click the title of a chapter in your table of contents to edit the title. You can also select a chapter and drag it up and down.
  • ■ All of the functions for managing your table of contents can be accessed by right-clicking on a chapter in the ‘Table of Contents Panel’.

C. Multimedia Functions

wepubl author provides all of the multimedia functions supported by EPub 3.0.

Adding Images

wepubl author supports JPEG, GIF, and PNG image files.
Click on the ’Image’  icon in the ‘Input’ menu and select an image file to insert.

  • 1. Click on the ’Image’ icon and select the ‘Image’ menu.
  • 2. An image area will be created in the editing area.
  • 3. Double-click on the image area to insert an image.

Image Gallery

Using the ’Image Gallery’ function, you can select multiple images and have them displayed as a slideshow.
You can change the order of the images or add new images.
This function is useful when you want to show a number of related images on a single page.

  • 1. Click on the ‘Image’ icon and select the ‘Image Gallery’ menu.
  • 2. An ‘Image Gallery’ area will be created in the editing area.
  • 3. Click the Image Gallery’ area to open the ’Image Gallery Attributes’ panel on the right. You can add multiple images or change the order. ■ Readers can navigate through the images in an image gallery using the left and right arrow keys or by swiping left and right on a touchscreen.

Adding SVG Files

You can make your ebook more visually inviting by using various forms of license-free graphics files from graphicburger.com.

Download various icons and images to your PC and then insert them into your ebook by using the ‘Image’ > ‘Import Image’ function in wepubl author.
Be sure to read the license policy of graphicburger.com carefully before using any images (http://graphicburger.com/license/).

Adding Videos

The ’Videos’ function in the ‘Input’ menu supports OGG, MP4, and WEBM files.
Simply select a video and insert it into the desired position. You can also change the thumbnail image of your video.

  • 1. Click the ‘Multimedia’ icon and select the ‘Videos’ menu.
  • 2. A ’Video’ area is created in the editing area.

Adding Audio

The ’Audio’ function in the ‘Input’ menu supports OGG, MP3, and WAV files.

  • 1. Click the ‘Multimedia’ icon and select the ‘Audio’ menu.
  • 2. An ’Audio’ area is created in the editing area.

D. Tables, Shape Objects, and Formulas

wepubl author allows you to insert tables, SVG shape objects, and formulas.
Since there are many types of ebooks, a wide variety of authoring tools are required.

Adding Tables

The ’Table’ function of wepubl author supports all table-related functions commonly used in ebook authoring. The cell context menu also makes editing each cell very easy.

  • 1. Click the ‘Table’ icon and select the row and column numbers to insert a table into the editing area.
  • ■ Select a cell and simply divide or delete it with a single click.

Adding Shape Objects

The ‘Shape Object’ function in the ‘Input’ menu provides you with a variety of SVG shapes.
Just select any shape, such as a square or an arrow, from the objects list to insert it into the editing area.

E.g. Shape object image

Adding Formulas

Use the ‘Formula’ function in the ‘Input’ menu to enter various formulas using the ‘Formula Editor’. Commonly used formulas are provided in a separate list for easy insertion.

E. Quiz

The ‘Question’ function in wepubl author offers a greater diversity of ebook publishing options by helping you to create reference titles and digital textbooks.
The ‘Question’ function supports a variety of questions, including multiple choice questions, open-ended questions, matching questions, and drawing questions.

Adding Questions

  • 1. Click on the ‘Question’ icon and select one of the question types to insert a question into the editing area.
  • 2. A multiple choice question can have either one correct answer or many correct answers. You can set the correct answer(s) in the ‘Answer Attributes’ panel.
  • 3. Click on each part of the ‘Create Question’ area to freely edit the various styles, including the color, number of choices, and the ’Answer View’ button.

    E.g. Changing the style of a multiple choice question with a single correct answer

  • 4. For a matching question, insert an example image and select the answer area to set the correct answer in the ‘Answer Attributes’ panel.

F. Animation

wepubl author supports a variety of animations for each object type.
The ‘Animation’ function can bring many of your objects to life as it can be applied to text in text boxes as well as to images.

Adding Animations

Select an object and select an animation to apply from the ‘Attributes’ panel on the right. You can specify the speed and replay count for each animation. You can also use ‘Event Timing’ to specify whether your animation plays upon a page load or a click.


wepubl author Features Overview

The ‘Preview’ function plays an important role for ensuring the completeness of your ebook.

Use the ‘Preview’ function to check your ebook layout as it will appear on the screen.
You can play various images, videos, audio objects, and also check for any errors.
You can check whether your animation effects work correctly or not.
You can also check for typos more easily before you publish your book.

A. Dialog Box Preview

The ’Dialog Box Preview’ function opens a dialog box within wepubl author for previewing your ebook in the dialog box.
The dialog box preview function shows a fairly accurate preview of your ebook using the aspect ratio setting in your device settings under the wepubl ’View’ menu, without having to install your ebook on the actual device.

  • - There is almost no difference in screen aspect ratio and layout between the iPad screen capture and the dialog box preview.

B. Browser Preview

Use the ’Browser Preview’ function to preview your ebook using the default browser on your Windows computer.
This function allows you to check the layout of the current chapter on your web browser.

Adding Your Ebook to wepubl cloud

The registration process converts your current project to an ebook in the EPub 3.0 format and adds it to wepubl cloud.
Once converted to the EPub 3.0 format, your ebook is immediately saved to wepubl cloud and is published in wepubl viewer.
You will have to sign in to wepubl cloud before publishing your ebook.

  • 1. Click on the ‘Sign In’ button in the bottom left of wepubl author to open the ‘Sign In’ window.
  • 2. Sign in by entering your user ID and password. Then click on the 'Add Books' button. Your ebook will be added to wepubl cloud. Use the ‘Summary’ section of the ‘Add Books’ window to enter your book title, author name, etc. You can also use the ‘Summary’ section to check your book cover.
    Use the ‘Details’ section of the ‘Add Books’ window to enter your ISBN and any other metadata to your EPub file. After entering all your information, click on the ‘Register’ button to add the EPub file to wepubl cloud.
    After the upload is complete, click on the ’Open wepubl cloud’ button to sign in to wepubl cloud and view the uploaded EPub file.

wepubl viewer

Use wepubl viewer to read ebooks that have been published through wepubl cloud via the mobile app or a browser any time, anywhere.


Searching by Keyword or Code 
Click on the ‘Search’ icon in the top right, enter a keyword or code in the ’Search’ window, then click on the ‘Search’ button to view the ebook or library search results.

Scanning a QR Code

Click on the ‘Menu’ button in the top left, click the ‘QR Code Shortcut’ menu at the bottom of the ‘Menu’ page, then scan a QR code to start downloading the corresponding ebook. You can also scan QR codes using other QR code apps on your smartphone.

Favorite Genres

Click on the ‘Menu’ button in the top right and select three or more of your favorite genres to view only the ebooks that interest you.

Subscription Info

You can subscribe to any library. When new ebooks are added to a library that you have subscribed to, you will be notified through the mobile app. You can choose to unsubscribe from a library at any time.

Read Now

You can start reading a downloaded ebook immediately.

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